Saturday, September 7, 2013

Summer's Ending

As we approach the end of another summer, I look back at the last weekend before Labor Day when, my son, my wife and myself brought the grandtwins down to an amusement park down at the Jersey shore. It couldn't have been a more perfect day.

Gotta love the whip!
Daddy keeping an eye on things

Who doesn't like an arcade?

Checking out the carousel art

Road rage?

Just out for a drive

C'mon Dad ... keep up!

Sean loves the slide

So does Lukas

An exciting ride

The favorite of the day ... the roller coaster

Lady Liberty?

Some scary gargoyles

Now it's time to start putting summer behind us. School starts this week and two weeks later summer officially leaves us behind and fall takes the stage - with the twins birthday and Halloween just over the horizon.

Enjoy the cooler weather - it's on its way!

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