Monday, April 25, 2011

On the road again ...

Today I am on the road. Well kinda. We are are the Borgatta Hotel in Atlantic City. My wife is a slot machine player, and often gets comp nights here. I, who usually sit at the blackjack table, don't.

But anyway here we are. Just one night. When we checked in we were given an upgrade to a suite. True, we have a view of the wind farm and not the rest of Atlantic City, but we didn't come here to look out from the room window.

Unexpectedly this week we found out that my son and daughter-in-law had received a comp room and had reserved it for tonight, so they are here as well. In fact, when they checked in he mentioned that we had gotten an upgrade, so they were given one as well. Sweet!

After the short drive - about 90 minutes from home - I decided to rest in the room for a bit before I head into the casino, but my wife, as usual, headed to her penny slot machine. When she arrived in the room about a half hour later, she was already up $40! I guarantee you that won't last for long.

We also got comp tickets for tonight's comedy show ... three stand-up comedians. If last time was any indication, it won't be the best we have ever seen, but hey - it's free and that's good enough for me. It's just nice to get away.

Well, I am now refreshed from my drive and am about to hit the casino ... wish me luck!

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  1. Someone else to do the dishes and make the bed is always nice. Enjoy!