Friday, November 11, 2011

The Next Generation

It was three decades ago and our children were young. Not just the two who tagged after my wife and myself, but those of my friends and indeed a large portion of my generation. We, the baby boom generation, had come into our own.

It was fun watching them grow and develop from helpless little creatures into walking, talking and thinking (!) children. We enjoyed going places with them and seeing the wonder in their eyes as they learned about things ... first at home, then in the neighborhood, our city (one of the most wonderful in the world I might add), our state, our country and the world.

All too soon they were adults, and adults that we are very proud of. They have accomplished so much in what seems to us to be so short a time. They are grown, married and are at that point that we were all those many years ago.

And now comes the feeling of déjà vu. The next generation has come along. They are at the point of being anywhere from the helpless newborn to the walking and talking and thinking (!) children that we remember our children to have been. It is no longer our friends who visit with their youngsters, but our children and their friends. They are now embarking on the journey we have had, and we can come along for the ride. When we talk with our friends these days we no longer brag about our children (well, maybe we still actually do!) but share pictures and stories about our grandchildren. And it is great!

So, of course, here are mine ...

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  1. Thanks for sending me this link Mark! So true. And again... Where has that time gone?? I want to know how did I become a mum of a 40 yo!