Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Snap, A Set and A Song - Park

This week I asked Thea (A Snap, A Set and A Song) if she would decide on the theme early in the cycle since as you read this I am at the beginning of a long anticipated vacation. I was away last week and unable to participate so I wanted to get this one done before I went away again. She picked the theme - Park. Immediately my mind went in one direction, as I am currently in a place with four of the most amazing (theme) parks in the world. Yet, Park evokes many definitions, and three came immediately to mind. This post will deal with two of them.

The Snap

This is Willowbrook Park here on Staten Island, one of my favorite places to go to take photos, and relax. This shot was taken as the leaves were just starting to turn at the end of summer.

The Set

Another synonym for "park" is playground. As you see in this set, we often take the grandtwins to Willowbrook Park to see/feed the ducks, or take a walk in the woods. But there is also a playground in the park which they enjoy. Well, they enjoy many playgrounds.

The Song

While we are on the "playground" definition of this week's theme, I will go way back to my own youth. In fact I was five years old when I first heard this song. It was on an album (do you remember those?) of children's songs. I loved that album as a kid and still do ... yes it is on my iPhone!


  1. Gorgeous snap! Great idea for a set and what a cute song!! Great SS&S, thanks for linking. :)

  2. I'd love to be in a boat on the water in your snap just drifting!

    Love the slide show with soundbytes for your set. Must borrow that idea some time...

    Wendy :)