Monday, February 11, 2013

Am Retired - Will Travel

I would say that the title of this post is a take off on an old TV show - but that would be dating myself. Let's just say that we are now free to move about the world.

My wife left the classroom for the final time last June at the end of the school year and joined me in retirement. The plan has been to finally be able to be somewhere while kids are (supposed to be) in school.

We just returned from a cruise and a week in Walt Disney World and as I write this I am sitting in a hotel room in Atlantic City.

Even though both of our children are now adults and not in school - well at least not as students - up until my wife retired we were still on the school calendar as far as when we could get away. That always meant large crowds wherever we went, since when NYC schools are not in session - crowds appear in all of the usual travel destinations.

It also gives us the ability to be able to travel at a moments notice, and I expect we will from time to time. Our passports sit at home ready to be put into service at any time.

So be prepared - you never know just when we will pop up near you.


  1. Always welcome in our little part of the world! :D

  2. Of course you will let me know if you decide to pop upstate? :)