Saturday, August 17, 2013

Return to the Boardwalk

Yesterday was a beautiful summer day here on Staten Island.

I decided to visit a location where I have taken some photos in the past. Last October, it was in the path of greatest destruction when Superstorm Sandy came our way, but now it has been put back as it was, and I was happy to see it providing a place to gather on such a nice day.

Beach Patrol was out doing its thing ...

So I decided to take a walk down the fishing pier.

This comfortable day brought out many for a day of fishing.

He has a large stingray on his line. Many were hooked this day.
There are still many who are suffering the results of Superstorm Sandy, however, and a walk along the street just across from the boardwalk will show you houses that are still uninhabitable. But many are rebuilding, and here is just one sign that life goes on.

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