Monday, June 6, 2011

Through the lens (part II)

(See part I here)

Staten Island isn't the first place you think of when it comes to places to take pictures. Nor does taking pictures come to mind when you think of Staten Island, so here was my challenge. The following pictures are how I met it this time. (Next time out there will be a different approach.)

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First, I took a few pictures in front and behind my house. The first is from behind my house

And the next one is across the street, where a neighbor's Christmas decorations patiently wait for next winter when they will once again be installed.

Next I went a few blocks from my house where, unknown to most people, sits hidden from sight, an old 18th and 19th century burial ground. Many of the headstones - the ones which can still be read that is - contain names familiar to all who live on Staten Island, as they are the names of streets here. These are some of the original families buried here. The earliest date on a stone that I can make out is 1717, and the latest 1851. The oldest person seems to have been 89 years old, while I found a stone for a young 8 year old girl. There are quite a few children here.

Speaking, as I was of WDW, these stones could easily be sitting outside of the Haunted Mansion!

But behind this graveyard sits another one - slightly different. On the Arthur Kill (Kill being the Dutch word for river, and we were a Dutch colony before the British came and stole it away from them) we find the remnants of a ship repair yard where many ships, including the Staten Island Ferry came for repair.

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