Monday, June 6, 2011

Through the lens (part III)

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From there I headed to the southernmost tip of Staten Island, New York City and New York State. Here, on the grounds of The Conference House on September 11, 1776, the Staten Island Peace Conference was held. On that date, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Edward Rutledge rowed over from Perth Amboy in New Jersey and met with Lord Howe, the commander of the British forces in America, to end the currently ongoing conflict of the American Revolution. The meeting lasted for three hours and ended with the Americans politely declining Howe's offer, leading to another seven years of conflict.

And finally - for no good reason whatsoever except that they were there ...
(This would be a good time to remind you to click on the image to see them at full size.)

And here are all of the pictures from today's excursion in an easy to digest form - with music! And as always, your comments are accepted, appreciated, and highly sought after. (In other words - please talk to me!)


  1. Fantastic!! What a great journey. Lovely photos. And it was a great idea putting them all to music. (Love Billy Joel!!) I might pinch that idea at some stage.

  2. Wow Mark

    Not only are the photos interesting the brief history lesson that you give us adds a dimention to the story. What an awesome journey. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love seeing snaps of "where people live" - seeing your neighbourhood through your eyes! Lovely photos.

  4. The photos of WDW are awesome but I like photos about odd places, and I loved the history - I don't like history for history's sake, its the personal touch that makes it interesting. Feral

  5. I too love seeing the 'random' pics of around where you live! Always love the WDW pics, makes me want to go there even more hehe