Friday, September 9, 2011

Feeling so sorry for the country that I love like a second home (A 9/11 Guest Blog)

Patrick Mitchell is a friend of mine from the UK. He and his family often travel to the US. Here are his thoughts ...


On 9/11 I was at work at Thomas Cook travel agency, in the White Rose Shopping Centre, Leeds U.K.

It was a normal day but then, in the afternoon, everything started to change. People started to tell us that something was happening in New York, people started to mention things on phone calls, had we heard the news? had we seen what was happening?

The answer was no. We were completely isolated without access to TV, radio and internet was still relatively new.

Was it an accident, initially we presumed it must be but then the rumours grew into facts and the awful truth became clear. We handled things the best we could as flights were cancelled and tried to give people certainty when we had none ourselves then we went home to the TV news....

The terrible things I saw, I still remember and I remember feeling so sorry for the country that I love like a second home, why was his happening,? Who had done it? Was it selfish to be glad your family are all safe at home with you?

I have always felt a great closeness and attachment to my friends in America but never more than that day.

(This is the second in a series of views from outside of the US. Please read all that have already been posted as well as those that will be posted shortly.)

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  1. I think we all struggled with a range of emotions, including is it selfish to be grateful to have our families safe...this did not dsecrease our distress for other families. I imagine there is a whole spectrum of thoughts and feelings that now exisit...we were and are in territory.
    Thankyou Patrick,for sharing your experience.