Sunday, August 26, 2012

Finally - A Nice Day!

It's been a summer of one heat wave after another, and we now find ourselves with only a month left until Fall, having had very few comfortable days. However, we have one today - warm but not hot, and low humidity!

My wife and I decided to take advantage of it by heading down to South Beach (the one here on Staten Island, not the more renowned one in South Florida) and sit on the boardwalk. She would listen to music, people watch and enjoy the sea breeze, while I would (naturally) take my camera and see what the day would bring me.

We decided to set up shop, as it were, on the fishing pier, which gave me the opportunity to meet, chat with and photograph a large number and variety of people. I was not disappointed. There were dozens of people there fishing ... individuals, families, young and old. We found a nice bench on the pier and while my wife plugged in to her music, I took out my camera and started taking pictures.

One of my favorite things to do is to meet new people and strike up conversations, and today was not any different. I got to talk to a number of folks during the day about fishing and/or photography. In my mind a perfect kind of day!

So how do you end such a day? Simple, as my wife demonstrates ...


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