Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Snap, A Set and A Song - Show

Once again - after a one week hiatus - we are participating in Thea's A Snap, A Set and A Song. (Why not stop by and play along?) This week's theme is Show. Since I know what her inspiration was for this theme, I went in a different direction than I would had I just seen the theme and not know why it was picked. In Australia what we would call a Fair, they call a Show, and Thea has just attended one. Ironically, so have I ... the Richmond County Fair right here on Staten Island in New York City.

The Snap

(For more pictures, have a look here and here.) 

The Set

The Song

Okay, here I will revert to the direction I would have taken if I didn't know what Thea had in mind. This is a clip of the overture/opening number and finale/bows/exit music of a Community Theater production of Oliver! (That handsome clarinet player is my son, and, of course, it features my favorite musical director - me!)


  1. Fairs/Shows are such a great day out! Love your snap and set. And great song!! Good to see you in action.
    Your favourite musical director...hehe, you make me laugh! :)

    Thanks for linking!

  2. I loved your Oliver! Clip!! Well done Mark- the music was fantastic- loved the instrumental medley at the end but where was the audience appreciation when you were done? (How rude...) and can I just say how disconcerting it was to see American kids doing English accents- when our paradigm here is putting on American ones. SUCH a great job, kids.

    1. Thanks! The medley at the end is the exit music - as you would hear as you leave the theater on Broadway (we use the exact same charts). While it is always nice to be appreciated, when this piece is done, the theater is supposed to be empty. :-)

      It was great when I was working with this group (about a dozen years) because it was multigenerational and the kids worked with adults in all aspects of the show - onstage, backstage and in the pit. Some of the kids in the pit have worked with me from the time they were children well into adulthood. :-)

  3. I love all the lights and colours of showgrounds! I get so excited to go each year.
    I would love to try some of those butters - yum!

    You so inspire me by your involvement with musical theatre! I started to write a musical once, and I must get onto it again!

    Thanks for posting! Missed you last week.:)