Monday, May 14, 2012

Family Traditions

When I was younger, almost all of my extended family lived in one place - Brooklyn, NY. Because of that there were many times that the families got together and when we did it was a huge group. Very often it happened at the Jewish holidays. Extended family has always been a close knit group in our family.

Today, almost all of us have moved from Brooklyn - some not far, and others over a thousand miles away. Still others are no longer with us at all. Occasionally we still have family get togethers, though they are now smaller than in days gone by.

This past weekend was Mother's Day ... and what did that mean? Yes ... my father's birthday!! My dad is one of those who no longer lives nearby, having moved to Florida full time now, but he is here for a visit and to celebrate his birthday with family. On Saturday, his birthday, we gathered at my brother's house. These get togethers are a also welcome chance for my grandtwins to spend some time with cousins such as my brother's sons, my sister's sons and my cousins and their twins. Sadly, my daughter - one of those who live over a thousand miles away - was not able to join us this day. (Last year at one of our family get togethers I Photoshopped her in to the "official" picture. I behaved myself this time and didn't do that.)

(top: my grandsons, Lukas and Sean - bottom: my nephews, Nathan and Jeffrey)

One family tradition that has come out of these get togethers, is the four generation family portrait. As you can imagine, with five children 3 or under, this can be a challenge. Want to see just how much of a challenge it is? Have a look ...

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  1. Ah, I love family gettogethers. And my family nearly all lives in the one city. Apart from me, my sister and one cousin. It is one of the hardest things for me about moving away.
    Too funny that you photoshopped your daughter in. I don't blame you for that at all. And love your 4 generation family photo.