Saturday, May 19, 2012

Salvaging the photos ...

It has been a long winter for me when it has come to getting out and taking photos, but after a bit of rain here in the spring, it was a nice day and I decided to head out to take a few (hundred) photos. I originally was thinking of going back to one of the two places that I usually find some interesting shots, but then I remembered that there was another place that I had been wanting to check out, but hadn't yet done so.

Living on an island, there are a lot of areas where the water (rivers, bays, ocean, etc.) touches the land. Right near my house is a NYC park that is right on the water, which I haven't been to in the many years since I used to hold baseball practices there with my son's team. I didn't know what I would find to photograph, but I decided to go and see.

I consider myself a pretty good photographer (have a look at Gathered Images, my photo blog), having been taking pictures for many decades, and I have a good grasp of the technical skills to take the kind of photos I enjoy creating. But something happened to me this day, and I got so involved in the picture itself, that I forgot one or two of the basics, and was very disappointed with the overall results. In other words, I had the knowledge and the tools to do it right, but didn't.

In the old days I would have tried to make some fixes in the darkroom, but today's tools are even better. I always save RAW files along with the jpegs, so I had good files to work with in Photoshop. Here are a few of the photos I have tried to salvage. (You can see a few more from this day here.)

Certainly there is no lack of sea birds here - as anyone who has parked their car along the shore can attest to ,,,

Shall we go out on the yacht?

This isn't my usual duck pond near which I have taken many duck pictures - these are much more adventuresome ducks, and there were many of them cavorting in the waves.

Though there was more than waterfowl enjoying this first nice day in a while ...

Next time I go back (and that will be soon) I intend to be much more disciplined. So keep a look out for more photos from this location.

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  1. Not bad for duds! Looking forward to seeing more. :)