Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Snap, A Set and A Song - Mask

It's time again to link up with Thea of A Snap, A Set and a Song for this week's theme of Mask. (Why don't you join us as well?)

The Snap

This goes back to (probably) October 31, 1980 ... my daughter Trick-or-Treating

The Set

The Song

Bonus Song

When I was setting this page up, the first song that came to my mind was one I heard often during our first Club Med vacation in Eleuthera in the 1980's. I had the cassette of the music years ago, but it is unavailable now. I made a quick search on You Tube for it, but since this had been such a busy week did not really spend time looking and came up short. Today is a quiet day here and I did manage to find a single You Tube entry for this song. Hope you enjoy it - after all these years, I know I did.



  1. The Wonder Woman outfit is a beauty! How adorable!

    Did you ever have the chance to work on a production of The Phantom of the Opera?

    I love it so. :)

    1. As often as I have seen Phantom on Broadway, I have never had the opportunity to work on a Production. I would love to though as it would require such a talented group of actors and musicians, and the music is amazing!

      Of course, even if we did mount a production, not sure how we could get the falling chandelier effect. ;-)

  2. That snap of your daughter is SO cute!!
    You and Wendy went with the same song...great choice!
    Thanks so much for linking. :)

    1. Does using her count as my WDW reference for this week? LOL!

      Believe it or not, Masquerade was my second choice. I really wanted a Club Med song from the 80's (Bal Masque) but have not been able to find either the song itself (I would have made a video myself if I could) or an online clip.

      Not that Phantom is a bad choice. :-)

    2. As you see, with a quiet morning to do a thorough search, I found the song I was looking for - and have added it as a bonus!

  3. That first pic of your daughter is adorable!

    I almost used masquerade from Phantom as well, problem one of my all-time fav musicals (well, it's tied for first with Les Miserable).

    1. Both great shows! Was at Broadway yesterday but saw something a bit different ... Jersey Boys.