Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Snap, A Set and a Song - Up

It's time once again to join Thea at A Snap, A Set and a Song for this week's theme of Up.

Naturally, my first thought was of the Disney/Pixar movie, Up, so balloons quickly came to mind.

The Snap

(For more balloons, have a look on my photo blog, Gathered Images)

The Set

One of the things that we have enjoyed doing in Downtown Disney, is taking a ride on Characters in Flight. When up in this balloon, you can see the entire Walt Disney World, including the theme parks. The last time we took a flight was just at sunset and here you can see the West Side as darkness falls. (Clockwise from top left: Planet Hollywood, Disney Quest/Cirque du Soleil/House of Blues, Team Disney (where my daughter's office is) and the AMC movie theater.

The Song

There are clearer versions of this song on You Tube, but none of them scream 1960's quite as well!



  1. Ha! Snap with the song!! Cool music video.
    What a great view from the balloon, I'm dying to go up in one, one day.
    And great snap!

    Thanks for linking. :)

    1. Well, I didn't have "fashion" in my set, but I certainly did in my song. :-)