Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's Their First Day

Today my grandtwins arrived at their first day of their first experience with summer camp. Just 3 months short of their third birthday, wearing their brand new water shoes, they walked to their room with their parents. The director met them at the door and said to one of them, "Hello Lukas" to which Lukas replied, "I'm two!" They proudly handed him their backpacks and sat down with the other children - never looking back.

That is how their first day in a school type setting started. Right now they are completing their first hour and mommy and daddy have the first of three hours to themselves. The boys have always been around other children so that setting is not new to them. They have taken part in library classroom settings before so that is not new either. While we won't know how the whole first day went until they come home later today, I am expecting that it will have gone well.

The boys are growing up!

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  1. Lovely and so cute when they go into new experiences like that! Bet they will be busting to get back there tomorrow.